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Keep your fur-ball smiling with goodies! Tell us your adoption tale and get hooked up with free vet consultations, awesome deals on pet grooming, DNA tests, and more!
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How It Works

Get the breakdown on how to use Adopt a Pet and navigate the pet adoption process.

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Rehome a Pet

Did you know we’re assisting pet owners who can no longer care for their pets to find new loving homes for them? Rehome can help!

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Find Your Pet

With Premium New Pet Alerts, you’ll be notified instantly when you have a new match!

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Pet adoption tips

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Why adoption over buying

Did you know that over 1,000 people per hour run a search right here looking to adopt a pet? Pet adoption is quickly becoming the preferred way to find a new dog or cat, and rightly so, there are many benefits to adopting a pet. Pet adoption fees are usually much lower than buying from a breeder. You’re also likely to find a pet who’s already learned a few things. Adoptable pets are often already housetrained, good with kids, and do well with other pets. And don’t forget the wonderful feeling you get from saving a life!

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How to find the perfect pet

Do you know what type of pet personality you’re looking for? Finding the ideal pet for your home should start with understanding the personality that best fits your lifestyle, not necessarily a specific breed. Consider this, do you need a dog that is low key? Perhaps a cat that gets along well with others? The rescue professionals posting on our site are experts at matching you with the right pet. Our website even has a "New Pet Alert" feature to help you narrow things down. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we’ll email you your matches!

A black cat wearing a birthday hat and grumpy expression. “Glad one of us is amused,” says an animated speech bubble.

We get being a

At Adopt a Pet, we’re all real pet owners and lovers, so we experience it all. The funny moments. The adorable moments. The weird moments. The only-I-will-find-this-amusing moments.

And we want these moments for you. That’s why we put a window in front of pets needing homes in over 19,000 animal shelters and rescues, and from thousands of private owners, for free.